Road MAp

GrumpyPandaz launched at the end of 2022 – originally a 3D collection of 8,888 pandas with a roadmap including an casino and kart racing and metaverse.

The project (managed by a different team) ran two mints that did not sell out (collection was also reduced to 4200). That team reported that the Discord was hacked and did not fulfil promises (such as a Baby Cub airdrop and rebates for minting) – the project was declared a rug.

Despite the failures of the previous team and later abandonment, a strong community bond resulted in not only a new Project (PolarBearz NFT) in February 2022, but also the takeover and relaunching of GrumpyPandaz in April 2022.

ANTI-RUGPULL. One of our missions is to educate new investors in the NFT space to conscientiously invest.

8,400 amazing PandaCubz (redesigned by the new team) are coming to life on the Ethereum Blockchain.

We have many goals, one of them is to help with charity. Those who buy the first 100 PandaCubz, will receive a WWF ‘Adopt a Panda’ pack (WWF incidentally also have a Panda as their mascot). 10% of the royalties of both GrumpyPandaz, and PandaCubz, will be donated to WWF to further support conservation efforts of Giant Pandas.

We will start the production of a 30-minute documentary that will narrate YOUR story of the Grumpypandaz community, a rugpull project that was reborn like a phœnix thanks to a new team that refused to be scammed. Above all, it will be an opportunity to further educate people new to the world of NFTs and to those that are yet to have their first experience. This project will be very innovative as you will ALL be invited to a part of it. For the first time, a community movie will première in Web 3.0.  Arthur Delaire, our creative director, will direct and produce this short movie.

An innovative STAKING-UTILITIES PLATFORM dedicated to holders will be made available on our website. It’s simple; stake your NFTs on the platform to start earning UppeeeCoin (UCoin) and use them towards utilities and services.

  • Stake your NFTs and earn passive income every day in UppeeeCoin.
  • The system will automatically count your BearPointz – based upon the number of GrumpyPandaz and PandaCubz (and later PolarBearz from our sister project) that you have in your wallet.
  • The utlities available to purchase with UppeeeCoin will also be dependant on how many BearPointz are held. MORE BEARPOINTZ = MORE UPPEEECOIN AND UTILITIES.
  • BearPointz will reset each month
  • New utilities and services will be added regularly for NFT holders.
  • VIP CLUB. Premium Utilities for those holding a large minimum amount of BearPointz

Our store will be online soon with discounts dedicated to NFT holders. Merchandise will be made available to include the design of your held NFT. You can pay in UppeeeCoin or Credit Card.

Uppeee is our proprietary platform for P2E games and coin. The first P2E game has already been developed (trivia game). The platform will be public but those with NFTs from our collections will get more rewards than non-holders, and you will be able to earn and trade UppeeeCoins

NFT holder events dedicated to our incredible project will be arranged around the world. All holders will have free access to events and to exclusive areas where you can personally meet other community members.

We want to revolutionize the gaming world. Our first 3D P2E Game will be an addicting METAKARTZ GAME. The game will be free to play but to access you will need to have at least one NFT from our collections. Your NFT will be your character in the game.

The project will explore Metaverse opportunities. This is a fast moving and exciting environment which we will explore in more detail. As a part of our entry into the metaverse we will develop 3D avatars of our NFTs to be usable on a number of platforms. We have so far purchased land at both Otherside and The Sandbox.


Despite their name, GrumpyPandaz were looking to a bright future, but then a few disasters struck and there was a fire in the rainforest. It was pandemonium. Some of the 8,888 GrumpyPandaz were burnt leaving 4,200 survivors but then the GrumpyElderz looking after the community took their bamboo and pulled the rugs from under their feet and vanished. Why would they do this? The GrumpyPandaz were bamboozled.

Many of the GrumpyPandaz dispersed, to places unknown. Some stayed in the ruins of the old rainforest, and remained, well, grumpy. A group of GrumpyPandaz joined forces together to look for a new home, and did find one, but decided to return to visit their old homeland. To their surprise, the foundations were available to reuse. They decided to learn from the mistakes of the previous GrumpyElderz, and rebuild back better on a new roadmap. The word was starting to spread and GrumpyPandaz begun to return home.

GrumpyPandaz are traditionally hard to breed. Before the burning, the previous GrumpyElderz promised that PandaCubz would eventually turn up, but they never did. The new GrumpyElderz needed to bring the GrumpyPandaz back from the verge of extinction. A new bamboo broth was devised by the new GrumpyElderz that not only provided PandaCubz, but would result in more PandaCubz for those GrumpyPandaz with more adults in their collective.

Whilst the GrumpyPandaz were rebuilding, they learned that they were not the only ones that were under threat of extinction, but so were their brethren in the real world. Some GrumpyPandaz had the opportunity to adopt their kin in real life. Some GrumpyPandaz had the opportunity to adopt their kin in real life but all GrumpyPandaz will support the efforts.

Whilst waiting for the rainforest to take shape, the new GrumpyElderz decided to involve everyone in a film. They had new PandaCubz on their way and the new generations must never repeat the same mistakes of the past. All GrumpyPandaz will be invited to tell their story.

PolarBearz came to visit GrumpyPandaz in the rainforest. It was decided that they would be stronger working and trading with their PolarBearz cousins, and this would be promoted with incentives. The more bears that lived and worked together would receive more coins, to spend within the new community shops for goods and services.

GrumpyPandaz not only needed somewhere to live, but somewhere to shop, and the GrumpyElderz arranged for new goods for the bearz to restock their cupboards.

Further Uppeee in the minds of GrumpyPandaz, they were quite intelligent beings. GrumpyPandaz love trivia… and the GrumpyElderz arranged for them to try out their skills to earn coins (Did you know, a collective of Pandas are called ‘A Cupboard of Pandas’?)

Not only do GrumpyPandaz like a good film and some trivia, but they are big partygoers! Being grumpy needs some release so the new GrumpyElderz decided to arrange regular events. Put down the bamboo and come and join!

For those GrumpyPandaz that preferred a bit more action, the new GrumpyElderz decided to build a race track. On their pawz, they are slow, but look at them speed now…

Whilst the GrumpyPandaz returned home, and even had new GrumpyPandaz arrive, a new SPACE was needed to expand. GrumpyPandaz started to look for new areas to hang out and explore, and meet new friends. The PandaVerse awaits.

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