Road MAp

GrumpyPandaz launched at the end of 2022 – originally a 3D collection of 8,888 pandas with a roadmap including an casino and kart racing and metaverse.

The project (managed by a different team) ran two mints that did not sell out (collection was also reduced to 4200). That team reported that the Discord was hacked and did not fulfil promises (such as a Baby Cub airdrop and rebates for minting) – the project was declared a rug.

Despite the failures of the previous team and later abandonment, a strong community bond resulted in not only a new Project (PolarBearz NFT) in February 2022, but also the takeover and relaunching of GrumpyPandaz in April 2022.

ANTI-RUGPULL. One of our missions is to educate new investors in the NFT space to conscientiously invest.

 8,400 amazing PandaCubz (redesigned by the new team) are coming to life on the Ethereum Blockchain. See

We have many goals, one of them is to help with charity. 10% of the royalties will be donated in the fight against global warming and glacier melting.

On the platform, the “gallery” is available and allow you to list and buy your NFTs in UppeeeCoin. No commissions are applied in Ucoin on transactions.

You can find all the merchandise dedicated to GrumpyPandaz, PandaCubz, PolarBearz, and UppeeCoin here. (link) In the store, discounts and gifts are applied for NFT holders and UppeeeCoin holders.

Uppeee will launch the trivia platform in Q2 of 2023, where you can earn UppeeeCoin by playing and answering questions. In the first version, there will be 2 modes: SinglePlayer & Multiplayer.

We want to revolutionize the gaming world. Our first 3D P2E Game will be an addicting METAKARTZ GAME. The game will be free to play but to access you will need to have at least one NFT from our collections. Your NFT will be your character in the game.

The project will explore Metaverse opportunities. This is a fast moving and exciting environment which we will explore in more detail. As a part of our entry into the metaverse we will develop 3D avatars of our NFTs to be usable on a number of platforms. We have so far purchased land at both Otherside and The Sandbox.

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